Can I view your products?  Our products are shown by appointment only at our New York City showrooms at 641 Lexington Avenue (corner of 54th Street), New York, NY 10022.

Do you have styles in addition to those displayed on your website?  Please contact us, and we will provide you with our catalogs. The photographs on our website represent only a small sampling of our extensive product line.

How can I order you products? Call your sales representative or our National Sales Manager, Stan Mendelblatt (  Orders are not accepted until confirmed by our office.

What trade shows do you attend?  We show at the Chicago Collective, The Northwest Buyers trade shows in Minneapolis, and the MRket Show in Las Vegas. Please contact us for the booth numbers and to confirm that we will be attending the specific shows in which you are interested.

Do you sell outside the United States and Canada? Yes, depending on the brand and the customer. If you wish to establish a distributorship for Gruner products in your country, please contact us.

How do we develop a uniform program?  Contact us. Many of our stock uniform items are easily adaptable through the use of embroidery or other distinguishing features. 

What is the proper method to clean (including dry cleaning) a Gruner coat? The first step is to consult the care contents label. We also are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please go to the "Contact" page and submit the coat identification number (listed at the bottom of the care/contents label). We work with the Neighborhood Dry Cleaners Association and keep its members informed of the latest cleaning techniques applicable to our products. Both raincoat and overcoat fabrics have special treatments that must be dry cleaned appropriately and carefully in order to preserve and protect shell fabrics.

Do you use EDI?  We can use EDI for electronic transmission of orders, ASNs, invoices, and most other electronic transactions. For further information, go to the "Contact" page and send us a note.

Other questions, go to our "Contact" page and send us a note.