About Gruner

Gruner & Co. manufactures and markets outerwear, rainwear, wool and cashmere overcoats as well as blazers and trousers for men and boys. We are global leaders in the outerwear market and are well known for our quality, fashion and value. We offer three generations of experienced Coatsmanship.™


Our customers include the best department stores, retail chains, on-line retailers, small and large specialty stores and retail groups in the United States and Canada.  We also work with international wholesalers and distributors.   


Gruner & Co. manufactures and markets coats for men and boys under a variety of brand names including: Hart Schaffner Marx™, Ike Behar, Ike by Ike Behar, Weatherproof Tailored, Bradley Jons™, Gruner 1949™, Duke of Savoy™ and Tarps™.   In addition to selling branded products, we produce private label coat programs for many retailers as well as other manufacturers. They come to us for our Coatsmanship™ and our detailed customer service.

Gruner also manufactures coats, jackets and other tailored items for men and women as part of our Uniform Division.  We service airlines, hospitality chains, real estate companies and other businesses whose employees need weather protection. We are pleased to work with top uniform suppliers and retailers in this important segment.

Principals Which Guide Us

  • Coatsmanship™: The products we make have a function as important as its form. Gruner Coats are designed to protect against the elements. We have three lifetimes of experience in designing garments which offer protection as well as fashion.  This is a craft and an art as well as a mission.  We believe that Clothing should inspire as well as perform.  Fashion has an important place in our vision. 

  • Long Term Relationships: We believe that the world is a better place if you think of the long term relationship as a building process. It should not be a “what have you done for me lately” relationship. It should be a “what can we do together better” relationship. We have this feeling about our suppliers as well as our Customers. We understand that success is a partnership.

Our History

Gruner & Company was founded in 1949 by Salo Gutfreund, a new immigrant to the United States. The Gutfreund family had been makers of rubberized rainwear in Germany before the War. In 1949, Salo purchased a former British parachute factory in Israel and started producing raincoats for the European and American markets. 


In 1970, Salo's daughter, Barbara, joined the company. Barbara led an expansion of Gruner's product selection into leather products and wool overcoats.


In 1992, Harvey Arfa, Barbara's husband, joined the company and led Gruner's expansion into licensed products.


In 1994, Barbara and Harvey's daughter, Caroline Massel, joined Gruner. She is now leading Gruner into its seventh decade.